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Sackville Skating Club

Lower Sackville , Nova Scotia

Helpful Tips

What do I expect on my first day of skating? What should my child wear? What type of skates should I buy and how should they fit? Where do I watch my child from?

The SSC has put together a list of frequently asked questions for parents on their first day of skating!

More questions?

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 · All skaters up to Stage 5 inclusive MUST wear a CSA approved hockey helmet. A cage is HIGHLY recommended for all skaters.


· Bike, ski and skate/snowboarding helmets are NOT acceptable.


· Skates should be sharpened before the first lesson.


· Avoid plastic molded skates and do not remove picks from figure skates.


· To ensure skaters enjoy and benefit from their lessons, skates should fit properly, provide strong ankle support, be tied tightly around the ankle and instep, and be sharpened. If you have questions regarding equipment please speak to one of our professional coaches.


· Designated dressing rooms must be used. Do not use benches outside dressing rooms to put on or remove skates.


· No parents are permitted in the players’ benches or penalty box at any time. All parents are asked to observe from the stands.


· All parents must remain in the rink for the duration of their skater(s)’ lessons.


· Do not over dress them, as the rink can be warm.


· Mittens are needed on the ice. (Please no CHENILLE gloves)


· Elbow and Kneepads are not necessary